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Unskilled Jobs in Canada for Freshers | Apply Now 2022

Unskilled Jobs in Canada for Freshers | Apply Now 2022

Unskilled Jobs in Canada for Freshers : Do you have experience and want to apply for one of the thousands of jobs in Canada’s agriculture, food processing, trucking and transportation sectors? You’re in luck.

Canada has made it easier and faster to apply for an Unskilled Jobs in Canada for Freshers  by waiving the minimum employment requirements for Labor Market Impact Assessment applications in these high-paying, unskilled occupations that are in demand.

Latest Unskilled Jobs in Canada for Freshers | Apply Now 2022

Unskilled Jobs In Canada For Freshers
Unskilled Jobs In Canada For Freshers
  • Butchers, Meat Processors and Fishmongers (Retail and Wholesale) (NOC 6331)
  • Truck drivers (NOK 7511)
  • Agrarian help workers for hire, ranch managers, and exceptional domesticated animals laborers (NOC 8252)
  • General farm laborers (NOK 8431)
  • Nursery and Greenhouse Workers (NOK 8432)
  • Harvest Workers (NOC 8611)
  • Seafood Factory Workers (NOK 9463)
  • Workers in Food and Beverage Processing and Related Products (NOC 9617)
  • Workers engaged in fish and shellfish processing (NOC 9618)
  • Industrial slaughterers, meat processors, poultry preparers and related workers (NOK 9462)

Normally, employers must advertise for about three months before considering hiring foreign workers, but due to the high demand for workers in these sectors, employers no longer need to do so. An unskilled worker can earn a salary of $777,903 per year.

Canada aims to have one million new arrivals living and working in Canada by 2022, and it shows no signs of slowing down despite the Covid 19 pandemic putting additional pressure on the Canadian economy.

The government continues to process Canadian visa applications, recognizing that migrant workers are essential to address the impact of the coronavirus on the labor market.

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Economists expect the Canadian economy to bounce back after the lockdown measures are eased, meaning it is a great time to apply for visas early.

Canada strongly supports its citizens and permanent residents and is taking extreme measures to protect temporary foreign workers from the Covid 19 pandemic.

Interested in starting an app? Don’t waste or jeopardize this great opportunity to change lives for you and your loved ones. That’s right. Canada is closed, but as a primary applicant, you can enlist your family as sponsors when you apply to live and work in Canada.

Canada has a wide range of jobs available, to the point where the government has dedicated certain Canadian immigration programs and regulations to make it easier for unskilled foreign workers to live and work in Canada.

The agricultural sector in Canada is one of the most important employment sectors in Canada and invites about 60,000 foreign workers to immigrate to Canada for Unskilled Jobs in Canada for Freshers.

However, there are still 15,000 job openings in the Canadian agricultural sector, most of which need to be filled for unskilled jobs in Canada for foreigners.

Learn more about how to apply for high-paying jobs in Canada’s unskilled jobs for foreigners in 2021.

Job Qualifications for Unskilled Jobs in Canada for Freshers | Apply Now 2022

How to immigrate to Canada through the Foreign Worker Dispatch Program:

For unskilled and semi-skilled workers looking for work in Canada, the first option available is the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

This can allow foreign workers to Unskilled Jobs in Canada for Freshers  on a temporary basis (usually for two years). They can also apply for a new work permit or extend their existing work permit.

However, this will depend on your employer and the job offer you have received. To meet all requirements for this visa, you should:

  • Have written proof of the job offer you received from your Canadian employer.
  • Conduct a certified assessment of the impact on the labour market. These will be passed on to the employer through the Canadian Ministry of Labour and Social Development.
  • Show Immigration that you are staying in Canada temporarily and will leave the country at the end of the period. You will also need to convince the examiner that you have a reason to return to your home country.
  • Provide documentation that proves that you meet the job requirements. This includes your previous work experience, job-specific training (up to two years), and educational requirements (usually a high school diploma).
  • You should have no crook record and be healthy.
  • Make sure that all documents are in English or French.
  • Demonstrate that you are not a threat to national security.
  • Demonstrate that you have sufficient funds for your stay in Canada.

Your boss will be answerable for the accompanying:

  • Apply for Lumia
  • Pay for your airfare (arrival and return costs)
  • Assistance in finding appropriate and affordable accommodations
  • Temporary medical insurance coverage
  • Enrollment in the Provincial Workers’ Safety Insurance Program

Immigration to Canada through the Regional Candidate Program

Currently, there is no federal program that provides permanent residency to foreign nationals working in low-skilled or semi-skilled jobs in Canada.

However, depending on their requirements, they may be eligible to reside under the Provincial Candidate Program sponsored by each province in Canada. This section describes the options for moving to Canada based on the Provincial Candidate Programs available in two prominent provinces, British Columbia and Ontario. These are as follows:

1. How to qualify in the Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker categories (British Columbia)

In British Columbia, you can be recommended for permanent residency in the British Columbia Junior and semi-skilled worker categories. Occupations incorporate transportation, assembling, food and drink, and friendliness. These nominations are made to provide assistance to Canadian employers during a time of severe labour shortage.

The requirements are as follows:

  • Possess a valid work permit.
  • Have at least 9 months of work experience in British Columbia.
  • Must have a valid job offer for full-time employment from a British Columbia employer.
  • You must be able to demonstrate proficiency in English or French at Dog Level 4 or above (Canadian language standard).
  • Your work history must be relevant to an in-demand elf occupation. These currently include hotel front desk, tourist guide, casino employee, outdoor sports and entertainment guide, bartender, and server in a restaurant.
  • If you meet these requirements, you can get your profile registered on the online immigration portal for the

Provincial Candidate Program of British Columbia (Progressive National Party of BC). You will then, at that point, be allocated a score and positioning. The top ranked candidates will receive an invitation to apply for residency. Within 30 days of receiving the invitation, you will be able to submit your completed residency application.

If the application is approved, a state letter of recommendation for permanent residence will be issued. You will then need to submit a formal application for permanent residence within six months.

Currently, the fee for applying for permanent residence under this category is $700 Canadian. You will also need to check to see if your employer is eligible and willing to support your application for residency. 2.

2. How to qualify for the Northeast Pilot Project (British Columbia)

If you are thinking of moving to Canada as an unskilled worker, you can also check out the Northeast Pilot Project. This project operates under the Regional Candidate Program of British Columbia.

If you are employed as a low-skilled or semi-skilled worker in British Columbia, then you can apply for this program. To be eligible, you must

  • Currently be working in the Northeast Development District
  • Obtain a high school diploma or job-specific training
  • Not have a work permit from the Federal Direct Caregiver Program
  • Meet all requirements as specified for the entry-level and semi-skilled worker categories

Positions offered under this program include mine service workers, machine operators, heavy equipment operators, and retail sales clerks.

Employer Jobs: On Demand Skills Stream (Ontario)

This program allows qualified foreign workers in certain in-demand occupations to work and live permanently in Ontario. To be qualified to apply for this program, you should

  • Obtain a job offer to obtain full-time permanent employment in Ontario.
  • Have at least 9 months of work experience in Ontario, which must be relevant to the job you want.
  • Must be fluent in English or French (Dog Level 4).
  • Obtain a high school diploma.
  • Have the assets to help yourself and your family while living in Canada.
  • Demonstrate an intention to remain in Ontario after obtaining permanent residency.
  • This program provides jobs such as truck drivers, heavy equipment operators, farmers, industrial butchers, meat processors, construction workers, nursing assistants, home support workers, greenhouse workers, commercial/residential soldiers, etc.

How to Apply

For this reason, only typical job types are listed below. There are many job agencies in Canada that can give good advice to foreign job seekers as unskilled workers. Here is a list of Unskilled Jobs in Canada for Freshers


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Job TitleNo. of VacanciesAction
General Farm Worker670View & Apply
Registered Practical Nurse (RPN)230View & Apply
Chefs/Cooks120View & Apply
Food Processing Worker240View & Apply
Supermarket Staffs160View & Apply
Room Attendant425View & Apply
Housekeeper380View & Apply
Live-in Caregiver135View & Apply
Factory Helper780View & Apply
Construction Worker1270View & Apply
Cleaner500View & Apply
Fish Cutter140View & Apply
Dishwasher120View & Apply
Food Counter Attendant55View & Apply
Truck Driver45View & Apply
Farm Labourer670View & Apply
Helper180View & Apply
Bakery Production Worker120View & Apply
Meat Cutter/Butcher65View & Apply
Kitchen Helpers150View & Apply
Poultry Farm Worker290View & Apply
Gas Station Worker150View & Apply
Warehouse Worker50View & Apply
Cloth Factory Worker780View & Apply
Cashier120View & Apply
Receptionist325View & Apply
Fruit Picker1050View & Apply
Seasonal Farm Worker1050View & Apply
Crop Harvesting Worker600View & Apply
Gardner125View & Apply

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