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Seasonal Vegetable Farm Jobs in Canada | Best Free1000+ Job

Latest Seasonal Vegetable Farm Jobs in Canada  | Best 1000+ Opportunity 

We are looking for a farmer/fruit picker in Canada. If you have farming skills, we would like to hear from you. Here  1000+ Seasonal Vegetable Farm Jobs in Canada  details.

Details of Seasonal Vegetable Farm Jobs in Canada 2022

  • Company Type:  Agriculture and farming
  • Company Name: Souto Farm Markets LTD
  • Location:  All over Canada
  • Nationality:  All nationalities are welcome to apply
  • Education : Secondary level / High school / Diploma / Degree
  • Experience : Agricultural experience [No experience necessary
  • Salary : Depends on the position.
  • Employee Benefits: Attractive job benefits and perks
Seasonal Vegetable Farm Jobs In Canada
Seasonal Vegetable Farm Jobs In Canada


In addition to nurseries, greenhouses, crop farmers and also workers, develop and furthermore perform many responsibilities related to accumulating grains, end results, greens, nuts, as well as other flowers.

Farmers likewise use herbicides, fertilizers, and also pesticides on vegetation. They restore fences in addition to some ranching devices.

In addition to cultivation workers, nursery employees plan ground and planting beds to increase horticultural objects such as branches, plants, seeds and plant life.

They additionally plant, water, prune, weed and spray. They also mow, roll, and stack lawns, stake timber, roll and tie plants to order, and collect and move field-grown shrubs and bushes.

Job Duties for Seasonal Vegetable Farm Jobs in Canada

Farmers , Seasonal Vegetable Farm Jobs in Canada typically perform the following tasks:

  • Harvesting and evaluating plants by hand
  • Irrigating farmland, maintaining ditches, pipelines and pumps
  • Operation and maintenance of farm equipment
  • Spraying plant foods or pesticides to control fungi, weeds, and pests.
  • Moving hedges and vegetation with a wheelbarrow or tractor.
  • Feed animals and tidy and decontaminate pens, sheds, cages, and lawns.
  • Analyze animals to detect signs of disease or injury.
  • Use tags, tattoos, brand names, etc. to recognize ownership and quality of animals.
  • Move animals to fields or to ranges, tracks, or other enclosures for grazing.
  • Give injections to keep pets safe.

Work conditions and physical ability:

  • Hectic atmosphere
  • Work under pressure
  • Repetitive tasks
  • High-weight materials handling
  • What you actually need
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to compare colors
  • Sitting, walking
  • Combination of sitting, standing, and walking
  • Standing for long periods of time
  • Bending, stooping, crouching


However, animal husbandry usually requires a higher education or degree in addition to the preceding activities.

Wage Salary.

  • -$22 per hour.
  • Per hour – $15.00

Farm Worker is a seasonal job that can be part time or full time.

About Requirements Company

Souto Farm Markets LTD is a Canadian farmer, seasonal producer, recently seeking farm laborers, fruit pickers, berry pickers, packers, machine operators, no education, no experience required, full time positions. Must be able to speak English. Thank you.

Company Description.

At SSENSE, each employee plays a key role in driving the organization’s strategic plan. Currently operating in 150 countries, SSENSE averages 76 million web page views per month and has achieved high double-digit growth rates every year since its inception.

Our focus is expanding beyond the typical e-commerce company, looking at the interface between society, material and business.

Duties and Responsibilities for Seasonal Vegetable Farm Jobs in Canada

Typical agricultural workers plant, cultivate, and harvest crops, raise livestock and poultry, and maintain and repair farm equipment and buildings.

This unit group also includes farm machinery operators. They work on crop, livestock, fruit, vegetable, and specialty farms.

  • This gathering plays out some or the accompanying obligations as a whole
  • Planting, preparing, developing, showering, watering, and reaping crops.
  • Feeding and caring for livestock and poultry
  • Milking of dairy cows
  • Conduct or assist in livestock breeding activities
  • Operation and maintenance of farm equipment
  • Follow food safety and animal biosecurity procedures
  • Detect disease and health problems in crops, livestock, and poultry
  • Quality inspection of agricultural products and preparation for market shipment
  • Set and monitor water lines, air flow, and temperature in barns, pens, and poultry houses
  • Maintain or assist in maintaining facilities and farm infrastructure, including cleaning stables, barns, barns, and livestock buildings
  • A typical farm worker may specialize in a particular type of crop or livestock production through experience.


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