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important things to know before starting Photoshop.

Photoshop is photo editing software. Where we can design logos and create artwork. One of the great things about Photoshop is that we can import images in different formats like JPG, PSD, PSB or more. There are a lot of important things to know before starting Photoshop.

Millions of people use it for photo editing. We can also make great logos from Photoshop. If you are also interested in learning about Photoshop, I am going to tell you 5 important things to know before starting Photoshop. Which is a really important or usable thing to edit.

5 important things about Photoshop

  1. Select 2 or more layer: If you are editing images you should know how to select all the layers at once because if you are going to use the same effect on multiple layers it will help you to do fast. For select 2 or more layer: Hold ctrl and click layer that you want to select.
  2. Merge Layers: You can merge all layers and edit all at once. Select layers that you want to merge and Click ctrl + E.
  3. Resize layers: If you want to make some layers smaller or larger you can do so by simply clicking ctrl + T.
  4. Duplicate layer: You can also copy a layer. So you don’t have to do the same thing twice. Click Alt and drag it to make duplicate layer.
  5. Move layers: If you want to move the layer to another location, you can click the Move tool to change the position.

In the end

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