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Create your page on Facebook.

Billions of people use Facebook. And there are millions of active pages. Most people spend a lot of time on it. People usually create their own pages to sell or advertise products. If you create your own page you can also advertise your product or you can show your talent through page boosting or promotion. Without a page you can’t boost anything on Facebook. There are many benefits to using a Facebook page.

What is the benefit of Facebook page?

  • Additional access or engagement: We can get more visitors by boosting or promoting our page.
  • Earn money: We can make money by uploading videos or boosting product.
  • Sell product: We can sell our products through our pages. So that we can get a lot of costumers by advertising.
  • show our talent: We can show our talent through Facebook ads. You can be famous if you have your special talent. You can also get a lot of fans.

How to create a Facebook page ?

1: Go to Page Option on Facebook.

Page Option

2: You can see the “Create Page” option there. Click on it.

Create Page

3: Choose the page name, category, and your page description. Then click on the “Create Page” option.

Create Page Now

4: Then add profile and cover photo from here. After that click on the ” save ” option.

Add Pic

5: Add your phone number and click the Send Code button. and verify your phone number. You can also Connect your Facebook Page to WhatsApp.

Connect Whatsapp

6: Click the Add button to add a button and choose what you want to add.

Add Button

7: Go to “About” to edit your information on the page. And Create your first post.

Edit Page

In the end

I hope you have found this article helpful. Let us me your opinion or questions if any through the comment form in below or use this form to ask your question.

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